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Jobs for 15 year olds include typical grocery store positions as cashiers, baggers, and front service clerks. Check out job opportunities with Kroger and their. All Job Types. Minimum Salary All Salaries. Date Must be at least 16 years old. From $12 an hour Starting hourly wages $$15/hour. Excellent health. year-olds can work as certified lifeguards at pools and water parks. Service occupations such as food service and hospitality, including reheating food. This includes shelving goods, bagging groceries, and mopping floors. Teens with artistic talents can create store displays. Recreation assistant. If your teen. Job Options for Teens · Janitor · Kennel Attendant · Kitchen Helper · Lawn/Landscape Worker · Library Assistant · Lifeguard · Maid · Mail Clerk.

What Jobs Can A 15 Year Old Do? As long as you and your boss isn't breaking the law, you can pretty much work anywhere! A lot of small and large businesses. Learn what laws and regulations govern work by those under 18, what types of work are allowed, and how to obtain a work permit. Top 10 Jobs That Hire at 14 and 15 · 1. Barista · 2. Busser · 3. Cashier · 4. Dog Walker · 5. Grocery Bagger · 6. Restaurant Host · 7. Lifeguard · 8. For teens, and parents alike, this pro- cess can prove daunting, as many first time workers are not familiar with Indiana child labor laws and their associated. 14 Year Old Jobs in Florida ; 14/15 Year Old Team Members · DeFuniak Springs, FL. $12 Hourly ; Nanny For 3 Months (April To July) For 3 Year Old Wed-fri. For teens looking for part-time summer jobs that let them work at home, data entry could be a solid bet. In most cases, you'll take information from one. Use Job Sites. Job sites are your best chance at finding the kind of job you're looking for. Particularly, they can help you find. 15 Best Jobs for Teens · 1. Crafting and Fine Arts · 2. Landscaping · 3. Counter and Rental Clerk · 4. Package Handling · 5. Housekeeping · 6. Retail. Year Olds · Office/clerical work (work certificate needed) · Retail: cashier, price marking, bagging, selling, packing, shelving (work certificate needed).

They are a franchise so different restaurants have different rules, but locations in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California have ads to hire year-olds. 3. Tutor Working as a tutor is one of the good jobs for year-olds that excel in school. You can earn a decent hourly wage while helping other students. What are Permitted Occupations for 14 & 15 Year Olds? The Connecticut Department of Education only issues Working Papers for 14 year-olds to work as caddies. No one under 16 may work on the factory floor, but or year- olds may work in delivery and desk jobs in a factory office. The office must be enclosed. 10 Best Jobs for Teens · Babysitter · Shop assistant · Daycare worker · Barista · Cleaner · Gardener · Fast food employee · Dog walking. • types of jobs or occupations specific Federal. – Federal law prohibits work during school hours for 14 and 15 year olds and prohibits hazardous occupations. Try checking with your local city and county governments, they often have programs to hire teens. Even the federal government has stuff if you. If you are 14 or 15 years old, there are many limits to the kinds of jobs that you can do in non-agricultural work, particularly in occupations that the. Many teens turn to babysitting for extra money. This type of job is usually in high demand, especially in the summer months when kids are out of school, and.

Try checking with your local city and county governments, they often have programs to hire teens. Even the federal government has stuff if you. Explore top US companies hiring teens and high schoolers on Zippia. Teen vacancies with entry-level or no experience, part-time, online jobs for teens. Use your skills to make money on your own. Some areas just don't have a lot of job opportunities for teens, but it's also possible you'd rather "be your own. Permitted Occupations for and Year Olds · Office and clerical work (including operation of office machines). · Cashiering, selling, modeling, art work.

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